Today in the city Collingwood 23.08.2017
Saskatoon columnist Jordon Cooper resumes writing despite terminal cancer

In his first piece in over three months, Saskatoon StarPhoenix columnist Jordon Cooper looks at family, mortality and trying to fight.

Canada Would Benefit From The Québécois Saying 'Yes' — To Something

After a 25-year hiatus, the Quebec government is approaching other provinces in a roundabout way to reopen the constitution to amendments. There is now unanimity among all five parties in Quebec's Nat...

Liberal Party Jumps On Rebel Media Fallout To Collect Emails, Throw Jabs At Tories

The federal Liberals are using Andrew Scheer's change of heart about The Rebel as an opportunity to data mine — and to throw a few jabs at the Tory leader.The party sent out an email blast to su...

Simply Great Books To Dedicate The Rest Of Your Summer To

There are a million excuses for not having the time to read. Whether it's your job that's keeping you busy, a workout schedule, play dates to plan, housework, or an active social life, reading a book...

The World Needs More Coders Than Newspaper Columnists

Had they tried, even the Luddites could not have more enthusiastically opposed teaching coding and programming to the Canadian youth than Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente.Ms. Wente argued that...

Canada Just Can't Quit Its Most Abusive Mining Company

Will the Canadian government continue to support Barrick Gold's exploitation of mineral resources in Tanzania no matter what abuses the company commits?Would the Trudeau government stop backing the To...

2 young people arrested and charged in Callingwood arson series

Edmonton police have arrested and charged two males — a youth and an 18-year-old — in connection with several arson cases in Callingwood.

Edmonton police seek persons of interest in Callingwood arson cases

Edmonton police are asking for help identifying several persons of interest who may be responsible for nine arson incidents throughout the southwest neighbourhood of Callingwood.

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